Sportsbook Review

Sportsbook is one of the most recognizable names in online sports betting. The name says it all, Sportsbook is the place to bet on sports. In addition to their sportsbook, the company also offers a casino and poker room. A multi-dimensional site, Sportsbook has grown steadily over the past decade. Sportsbook accepts US players, and they pride themselves on their ability to cater to US bettors. With US sports as their primary focus, Sportsbook is always running promotions for the latest events in sports.

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Sportsbook is one of the easiest sites to navigate and placing bets is a breeze. After a bet is placed, it is automatically listed in your account, with all relevant details carefully outlined. As soon as the event concludes, the money is right in your account. Sportsbook is one of, if not the, most efficient sports betting sites on the internet. Few sites run as many promotions as Sportsbook, and even fewer offer as many dynamic betting options.

Sports on Sportsbook

Sportsbook has all of the most popular professional and college leagues available for wagering. The NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL are the primary sports betting options on Sportsbook, though some other sports are offered as well. In addition to mainstream US games, Sportsbook also offers Boxing, Golf, Horse Racing, MMA, Racing, Soccer and Tennis wagering. Horse racing is particularly popular at Sportsbook when it comes time for events like the Kentucky Derby. Promotions are running non-stop when the big games of any season are coming up.

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If you want to place some bets on non-sporting events, Sportsbook gives you some options. The Exotics betting category at Sportsbook allows bettors to wager on everything from TV shows to political events. Parlays and prop bets alike, Sportsbook is always listing the hot topics on their Exotic card.

Betting on Bodog

Sportsbook is unique in that they always let their bettors know exactly who is betting on what. For example, the home page frequently tells bettors what lines are the most popular. If the big game of the night is the Yankees/Red Sox, you can be sure that Sportsbook is posting the most popular bet for the game. With access to this information, bettors are able to make better informed decisions. Betting on the spread and the moneyline is the most popular on Sportsbook, as it is on most sites, but these are not the only bets that are available.

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Prop bets and over/under bets are offered on virtually every event. Making Sportsbook even more convenient, all of your bets are shown with their potential payouts before you ever put your money on the line. If you are debating between two different teams on a parlay, Sportsbook’s software displays which team offers a higher payout. This makes choosing a team or line that much easier.

For the Players

As a player on Sportsbook, you should expect non-stop promotions and bonuses. The day you create a new account, you are automatically eligible for a deposit bonus. After your initial deposit is processed, the bonus money is in your account and is available for wagers.

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Sportsbook is known for their timely payouts. If you make a cashout via check, expect the payment to be in your mailbox within a week. Few sites can boast payout times that are as fast as Sportsbook. In addition to fast payout times is a responsive customer service team. Players can contact Sportsbook via phone or email, and responses are made almost immediately. Place your bets knowing that any issues are going to be resolved in a timely manner.

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